Hello, Gorgeous!

We are pleased to announce the newest member of our DSS family, Tutu Moi! 

Rebecca Shady, the founder and designer of Tutu Moi, has brought her creative background as a dancer to her professional expertise resulting in cornering the market as the authority of the designer tutu. She flawlessly balances a vintage appeal with modern notes making her styled tutu a desired staple in everyone's closet. 

Get to know Rebecca and her carefully crafted brand further through these insightful excerpts from her blog Q&A..

"We take a classic silhouette but allow for a modern fit so that the skirts are relevant to today's styles.  This allows our customers to take a tutu and make it their own, no matter the style or the occasion."
"A tutu is timeless and morphs you into whatever state of mind you're in."
"To this day, I'm usually wearing a 'new' piece with something I've had in my closet for years.   I tend to purchase things that will age well and will easily pair with more than one item I already have.  And that's definitely one reason I have such an affinity for the tutu."
"I challenge most customers to try our tutus with something they would typically wear, something that is already in their closet - like one of their favorite tanks, or that staple leather jacket you've had for years.  Make it fun, but keep it YOU." 
"We've got styles for every body shape and for each style, the silhouette that the tulle creates flatters different body shapes.  But all our styles accentuate your waist and are the most flattering styles for most women's shape.  Tried and true, timeless skirt silhouettes are the inspiration for each of our styles."
"How would you describe your personal style?" "Timeless." 


DSS is very excited to welcome Tutu Moi as part of our team. We cannot wait to see how we can work with Rebecca to make her unique brand grow even further. You can read the full interview with Rebecca Shady on her blog featured below.