You CAN Make Top Shelf Cocktails Without Paying Top Shelf Prices.

A little "how to" with Brad White of White's Elixirs from Nashville, TN ...

My cocktail mixers are meant to do one thing: help anyone be a Rockstar home bartender and enjoy an amazing drink.

But my mixers are only half (usually--sometimes you may need a little club soda) of the equation. Unless a mocktail is your game, you need some booze!

I’m often asked, what spirit would you recommend for use with your cocktails. 

While I have been known to use almost any priced spirit in making my own cocktails at home, when serving several people or planning for a party, stretching your libation budget is critical.

To get you mixing, serving, and cheers-ing, here is a list of high quality, affordable spirits you can use to make delicious classic cocktails. (Note that pricing can vary from one retailer to another.)

White’s Elixirs Old Fashioned                               Rebel Yell Kentucky Straight Bourbon ($12.99)

Whites Elixir Rebel Yell Bourbon

White’s Elixirs Sour Mix                                                          George Dickel Rye Whisky (19.99

Whites Elixirs Sour Mix + Dickel Rye Whisky

White’s Elixirs Moscow Mule                                                    360 Vodka ($11.99)

Whites Elixirs Moscow Mule + 360 Vodka

White’s Mojito Mix                                                    El Dorado 3 Year Rum ($17.99)

Whites Mojito Mix + El Dorado Rum

White’s Elixirs Fresh Margarita                                          El Jimador Tequila($13.99)

Whites Elixirs Fresh Margarita + El Jimador Tequila

White’s Elixirs Spicy Margarita                                          Sauza Silver Tequila($14.99)

Whites Elixirs Spicy Margarita + Sauza Silver Tequila

White’s Elixirs Simple Syrup                                                  Tanqueray Gin ($20.99)

Whites Elixirs Simple Syrup + Tanqueray GIn