Smithey Ironware Co. Launches New No. 8 Cast Iron Skillet.

Smithey Ironware Co. wants you to buy fewer, better things. At least when it comes to your kitchen. In an industry that encourages people to fill their countertops and cabinets with the latest gadgets, cookware colors, and trendy machines (soda streaming, instapots, air fryers, available in millennial pink, oh my!), Smithey is dedicated to the idea that a perfect cast iron skillet is a timeless modern heirloom that will make cooking better and more enjoyable – and that will become your most trusted kitchen companion.

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That’s a lot of pressure to put on a skillet, and the team at Smithey has taken its time bringing new skillets to market. Company founder Isaac Morton – surrounded by vintage cast iron in his home workshop – adjusted and tweaked designs for years leading up to the launch of the first No. 10 skillet in 2014. It was two more years of painstaking development before the company launched the No. 12 skillet in 2016. And now, in time for the 2018 holiday season, Smithey Ironware Co. is proud to introduce the No. 8 cast iron skillet – a smaller and more versatile addition to the range.

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Ask Isaac what he was looking for with the No. 8, and he’ll tell you that first and foremost he wanted to design a skillet to fry the perfect egg. A skillet that encourages movement and flipping while retaining the key heat properties of cast iron. A skillet with a smooth interior finish that is naturally non-stick without any of the chemical coatings often associated with egg pans. And a skillet that would have a natural place beside its bigger siblings on the range.

Smithey Ironware Co. / Deep South Social

The Smithey No. 8 accomplishes all of that and more. A perfect grilled cheese sandwich? Check. Sides for the family meal? The No. 8 is there for you. Even baked classics like mac n cheese with breadcrumbs toasted under the broiler take on new life in the No. 8.

 So, while the team at Smithey doesn’t believe you need a ton of gadgets in the kitchen, they do believe you need a No. 8 cast iron skillet. It’s been years in the making. Use it well.

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