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Bogg Bags

My family has always loved the beach. After many years of buying beach bags, we just couldn't find one that met our needs: large enough to carry everything for a day at the beach or pool; sturdy and durable enough to not tip over and spill everything; and easily cleanable with a quick rinse off. We searched and searched but couldn't find one bag to handle those three things.  

After a long day at the beach, we went back to the beach house. I started drawing out some ideas. Miraculously, having no drawing ability, I was able to sketch out in my first attempt almost the exact bag you see today! We needed to create a prototype of this new beach bag idea but couldn't figure out how to get started.

Once we had a real sample in hand, we hit the ground running! In 2011 we placed our first order for 350 bags in 5 colors. This was a HUGE step. We approached our first store, a local super fun boutique who loved BOGG BAG and placed an order on the spot. It was encouraging after reading stories about expecting several "No's" before that first "Yes!" Since then, this store has reordered many more BOGG BAGS and we've also secured additional retailers to carry our bags as well as selling online through our website and Amazon.  

We are so pleased that our family's love for the beach has inspired such a great product that so many other families around the world use and love on their own adventures and we hope YOU love it, too!  

Founder and Designer, Kim with her husband and two sons.

Founder and Designer, Kim with her husband and two sons.