With a combined wealth of knowledge and first-hand experience in running our own lifestyle businesses for over 10 years each, we bring a unique perspective to your brand. We've put in the hard work, rolled up our sleeves, tried and failed, pushed hard and succeeded, gotten some big wins along the way and learned some lessons the hard way.

Whether you're looking to start a new business of your own, rebrand or just have a specific area of focus that you're looking to grow, we love consulting with passionate, small to medium sized business owners.


  • brand scorecard : do you just need a gut check and an outside opinion on your overall business?
  • setting goals : do you have business or marketing goals, or need help reviewing or creating them?
  • strategic plans : do you have a business plan or marketing plan, or need help reviewing or creating one?
  • starting a new business : have an entrepreneurial spirit and looking to get started?
  • rebranding : considering changing your company name or a major aspect of your brand?
  • wholesale : interested in offering your products to retailers everywhere?
  • large accounts : did you land a major new wholesale account and want to be sure you're all set up?
  • manufacturing : looking to begin or change your manufacturing capabilities?
  • trade shows : thinking of testing out a trade show and trying to decide if it's worth the time and money, or need help with the prep work?
  • product design : interested in the processes behind product design, from inspiration to strategy to logistics?
  • photography + visual content : looking to focus your visual content or preparing for your first photo shoot?
  • beyond the press : preparing for a big press opportunity and want to learn how to translate it to tangible sales?


We have both Hourly Consulting or a Deep Dive Workshop option. Interested in learning more or setting up a call? Email us, we would love to chat!


Ashley + Jessica