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Sherbert Shop is our late night creation of a goal planning system that helps dream chasers frame their day through the lens of their goals to feel productive while creating a life defined by balance and joy!

It originated from a place of pure survival mode for me, Hillary, the Mrs. half of Sherbert Shop. I had started graduate school and combined that with working full time and taking on a graduate research position. I was racing from one obligation and todo list item to the next, coming up for air only because it was a necessity. I kept myself going by saying it was only temporary, but in all honesty, it was suffocating.

I was saying “yes” to everything and everyone BUT myself and as my todo list grew, so did my anxiety. When my anxiety was at its peak, my todo list was filled to the brim, and I was completely maxed out, I knew something HAD to change.

That was the start of my personal journey to create my own balance that allowed me to dream greatly, devote the time and energy to make those dreams into a reality, but also carve out time with the ones I loved. At the time, there was no planner or planning system that existed that truly helped me organize everything I had going on…there was the planner + sticky notes + random papers with notes to myself and it just wasn’t working.

It was late one night when my wheels were going a mile minute thinking about everything on my todo list that I started voicing my desires for my “dream” planner. This was not the first time Jordan, the Mr. half of Sherbert Shop, had heard this but his response this time took me off guard. He put his entrepreneur hat on and asked me why I couldn’t just create this “dream” planner of mine. That simple question led to what our Happy Balance Planner is today and was the start of Sherbert Shop!


What makes the heart behind Sherbert Shop unique is that we truly believe you can create your own balance. People talk about embracing the chaos and mess but instead, we believe in finding grace within that chaos! We believe that if you apply the goal funnel system and you say NO to the idea that balance doesn’t exist, you can indeed create the balance you want and crave. We believe your personal work goals can be achieved alongside your personal life goals to create this balance. Balance is constantly in motion, can change with each season or even on the daily but making the choice to create what you want your balance to look like can transform your dreams into real life.


Sherbert Shop is on a mission to help people balance their goals and passions with the people that fuel them to create a life filled with purpose and joy.

We believe in dreaming big, being persistent, being focused, being driven, and filling our days only with the people and things we love most. We believe in loving big, helping others and choosing happiness and joy. We want to help people find calm in the chaos, to focus on what truly lights them up, to feel their absolute best and to create their happy balance.

Hillary and Jordan are the Mr. + Mrs. behind Sherbert Shop, located in Atlanta, GA. They met freshman year of college during their chemistry class and have been together ever since…11.5 years and counting. After dating for 9.5 years to the day, they started the next chapter together, tied the knot and became The Sherberts!

Hillary Alberta, Founder of Sherbert Shop

Hillary Alberta, Founder of Sherbert Shop