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WoodKith, by the very nature of its name, brings together two of the most organic and naturally found concepts in the South - wood + friendships. 

The most common use of the word kith may be found with "kith and kin," or more commonly, friends and family. We design lasting pieces that are made more beautiful by the company had and times spent around them.

We believe each piece of wood has a story to tell. Each ring, grain, crotch and fork in the piece reveals the storied history of the tree and its tale. We work hard to source and save beautiful pieces of wood that would otherwise be chopped up, hauled off or end up in a landfill. We store, cure and kiln dry the majority of our wood ourselves, a process which takes approximately 2-3 years to reach the peak moisture content levels before we even begin the design and building process.

We are based in Atlanta, GA and our pieces are handcrafted between our farm workshop in Monticello, GA and workshop in the North Georgia mountains of Clayton,.

It is our ultimate goal that each of our customers, clients, vendors & partners becomes a part of the WoodKith family. We look forward to welcoming you.



WoodKith co-founders, Shane Schoenith + Wayne Bedenbender

WoodKith co-founders, Shane Schoenith + Wayne Bedenbender